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University Dining Services

Creating technology that demands attention.


University Dining Services is a division of Creative Minds, Inc. and focuses on the online, design, and marketing needs of college and university food service operations. Our goal is to assist the self-ops as well as outsourced dining programs with their website, concept development, customer recruitment, image branding, and other technology strategies.

Creative Minds, Inc. has been developing websites for clients for over 20 years. Understanding the delicate balance between good website page design, concise copy writing, and effective technology solutions, our websites not only look good, but they convey information clearly and effectively. Additionally, our client-focused solutions allow the client the option to update and to change features on their sites at will and as often as necessary.

Our work in the collegiate food service industry began in 2000 with Vanderbilt Campus Dining at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. Working as a development agent devoted strictly to the needs of the website, we helped Vanderbilt Campus Dining during the transition time where the operation’s promotional material stopped being printed and became an online, digital resource.

In 2004 we created a new line of products to license to college and university dining programs: Nutrition Addition. Over the next ten years, the Nutrition Addition suite of products welcomed new web-based additions along with new iOS and Android apps, all while providing a much-needed resource for the industry so that individual operations would not have to contract a developer to create custom products for recipe analysis, nutrition planning, and menu rotations. Rather, the Nutrition Addition suite allowed the licensing of one or all to meet a client’s individual needs.

Fast forward to 2013 and the birth of the Point of Order App. This customized point-of-order system combines custom graphics, music and sound effects into a package that allows customers to place an order in less than 30 seconds. Over the past few years, this product has seen tens of thousands of dollars of transactions.

The Campus Dining App made its debut in 2014, taking a large, complex food service operation and boiling it down into bite-sized pieces that customers can consume quickly and easily without the need to navigate a complicated website.

In 2016 Staffing Shark debuted offering the ability to both staff and schedule hourly employees in one integrated platform developed specifically for collegiate foodservice. Within the first month of use, our clients have reduced their workload by over 85%.

With all that University Dining Services has to offer, we have a product or service to meet and exceed your needs. Contact us today.