Technology should make life easier.
We have some pretty cool things to do just that.

Nutrition Addition

The Nutrition Addition suite of products has been an industry leader for nearly two decades. Currently featuring software for recipe analyzation, nutrition calculation and menu dissemination, the entire Nutrition Addition line boasts success stories across many campuses with its web-based, app-based, and kiosk-style offerings.

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The Campus Dining App

The Campus Dining App presents all the information about your campus dining program in one robust app. Designed for today’s customer, the app contains all of the relevant information that students, faculty, and staff members need and want to know. Built to work with WordPress, this means you will only need to enter information once and have your website and the app update together.

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The Point of Order App

The Point of Order App transforms the food service industry by making the ordering process fun and simple — and fast! A customizable app built off of a proprietary framework, the app extends your brand with optional custom graphics, music, and sound effects all wrapped into a tight package that customers will love.

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How Does All Of This Work?

Software as a Service

All of the products University Dining Services offers under its various brand names come in the form of software as a service. This means we host the software and create an account for your organization. You don’t install anything.

Up Time

Our products are hosted on Liquid Web (formerly Rackspace) servers. American-based, load-balanced and with an up-time guarantee of 99.9%, you can access your account when you need to. And with support from University Dining Services and Liquid Web, we’ve got you covered.

Regular Upgrades

University Dining Services continues to upgrade and to improve various features of our product lines. We do this because the internet is a dynamic place, with new technologies emerging on a regular basis. We want you to benefit from our technology.


Before you can use any of the various University Dining Services products, a signed license and access agreement is required. We offer both hard-copy contracts as well as paperless, digital ones to make your review process smooth and easy.

Marketing Tools

University Dining Services can provide your food service operation with tools to market directly to your customer. Whether it is iPhone and iPad mockups, Android screenshots, product logos and icons or custom graphics, we are here for you.


All customer-driven products that University Dining Services offers come with analytics you can access. Whether it is Google Analytics for websites or Flurry Analytics for apps, we track usage and customer retention to help you understand how your products are being used.